Your home is your Castle and in some cases your fortress to keep out unwanted guests, but how secure is your home really?

Our engineers can carryout a survey of your property and grounds then provide a full detailed document covering recommendations and insurance compliances.

Recommendations come in the form of weak spots that can offer burglars easy access to your property. These can be strengthened normally at no or minimal cost.

Insurance requirements will be included on your house/building/contents Insurance documentation, but these can be long winded and hard to read, In most cases people will believe they are covered as they pay a premium but if you do not have the required security as stated in the documentation then you will simply not be covered.  For example; your front door must have British Standard locks fitted that are designed to offer the best protection in deterring burglars.  All windows should have locks of some nature, as simple handles and stays can be bypassed to gain entry.

Our reports show that only 10% of home owners take time to read and understand the small print in their insurance documents.  Our engineers can help you in understanding and show you what is required to be insurance compliant.

Further Security Advice. There are several organisations working together to help you in your area:

Local Crime Prevention Team: Your crime prevention team can give you more advice about your home security.  Contact them at your local Police Station.

Local Council: Community safety, housing or social services can give you advice or even provide home security.

Age UK (Age Concern & Help the Aged): A welfare organisation for older people. Look in your local phone book for your local centre or phone their national advice line free on 0800 055 6112.  The line is open seven days a week from 8am to 7pm, 365 days a year.

Neighbourhood Watch: Try to join (or set up) a Neighbourhood Watch or Home Watch scheme. It’s a good way of working together to make your community safer. For more information visit

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