Old tired Hinges

You may find due to weather changes that doors act strangely. But most of us will put this down to a temporary problem that will sort it self out. Think again! Most newer UPVC does will come with flag or adjustable hinges.

The slightest adjustments could prevent longer more expensive repairs to your doors. Older non- adjustable butt hinges can be replaced by a locksmith.

When doors drop it’s usually down to prolonged use and changes in temperature/weather. Most will force a door to shut adding pressure on the Multi-Point-Lock (MPL) by pushing the handle up hard. This will bend twist metal levers and brake the cogs in the gearbox. If this happens then it’s an expense you could do without.

As soon as a handle/door becomes hard to lock then don’t delay in calling a locksmith. Tip: Used a can of spray grease and spray on all multi-points (moving hooks/pins/rollers/mushrooms) while moving the handle up and down. Retract the latch and spray inside which will get down into the cogs.